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Embracing Black Culture

is an organization that was created in response to the question "What is Black culture?" We want to provide the Black community with a daily reminder about the very deep roots that connect us all, and the stories that make our people so phenomenal. We aim to do this with Education, Empowerment, and Entertainment.  


Education - Shedding a light on the hidden figures, innovators, game changers, and trailblazers. We were confined, but not defined, by slavery, and our story began long before. We want to give you the history you were never taught in school and showcase the people, choices, and stories that brought us to where we are now.


Empowerment - Reminding the community that we will, because we can, and we can, because we have... New stories of Black Excellence emerge every day, and we plan to highlight as many as possible, to inspire more excellence in the future.


Entertainment Smiling while Black is not always easy. We are survivors, and survivors need a safe space to relax, relate, release, and just be. Be happy, that is. We promise that our community will be that safe space for you. 

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